What Are The Fortnite Map Codes To Claim Free XP In Season 1?

Fortnite Map Codes To Claim Free XP
Fortnite Map Codes To Claim Free XP

Fortnite Map Codes To Claim Free XP: Fortnite’s Creation Mode allows people to accomplish amazing things, such as providing a tonne of XP. Many of these Creative maps with large XP awards are deemed bugs, and Epic Games will sometimes take action against them. Others remain stationary and need gamers to overcome numerous barriers in order to gain free XP.

They’re all quite popular, regardless of where they’re from users to get the free XP. Eight sprung up during Chapter 3 Season 1, letting gamers pile up the XP. This article will help you with the best ways to get free XP using Map codes in season 1.

What Are The Fortnite Map Codes To Claim Free XP?

  1. Players can access the Pros Headshot Creative island by entering the map code 2544-1155-6548. Gamers must get in, move to the back corner, then fire an assault rifle at it in a private game. Hundreds of thousands of XP points will be awarded once a few shots are fired.
  2. FFA World War (4827-3917-7735) is the name of this Fortnite Creative map which awards players with a lot of XP in Chapter 3 Season 1. Players can obtain multiple XP by jumping on the creator button in the center of the main room or entering a secret room.
  3. The code for number five is 1248-2909-6151, which is the second in the video. The Fortnite Creative maps will load when you add it to the rift and then enter this code into the second fissure. The first map code activates the second, in which players can collect a large amount of XP while being tossed along by a crashpad.
  4. 0841-1148-6409 It has a new goal, but it’s still one of the more interesting and entertaining XP map bugs. To obtain a load of XP, Fortnite players must emote on a specific vending machine.
  5. 2647-5405-3162 Players must begin the game after accessing the Fortnite Creative hub map. They must grab a coin and build across the distance once they have spawned. Players can place coins in a little box and subsequently be transferred to another location.


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