How To Get Wingsuit Mech-Air COD Mobile?

Wingsuit Mech-Air COD Mobile

New Legendary Wingsuit Mech-Air COD Mobile: As everyone knows that a wingsuit on the COD Mobile game is equipment mostly used by Section and their team. Wingsuits are gliders in short, used only during missions.

Now in COD Mobile, brand new exclusive legendary Wingsuit is coming into play, yes the legendary Wingsuit Mech-air for COD Mobile is gonna be available from August 8th, 2022. The Cod Mobile Tachikomatic draw will feature this outfit.

How To Get Wingsuit Mech-Air COD Mobile? 

New Legendary Wingsuit Mech-Air Glider Equipment from COD Mobile can be acquired using the Tachikomatic draw set from 8th August.

But we may have to wait and watch, there are also other methods to scout and obtain the new Glider suit, as it’s a Legendary Wingsuit, it can really be proactive and protective in the COD Mobile game.

Release date and cost for new Legendary Wingsuit Mech-Air COD Mobile

As only the launch announcement on Call of Duty: Mobile Instagram page has been made for now, we are not sure and exact about this new legendary gilder’s rate set price and cost in COD Mobile.

Hoping, for further announcements from Call of Duty Mobile Instagram page, about the new Legendary Wingsuit Mech-Air Glider Equipment which is expected to roll out on August 8th, at 5pm PT.

But for sure, the new legendary Mech-Air Glider suit equipment will be a roller coaster ride, as it takes you to the skies and see if your enemies on air, the Mech-Air Glider suit is gonna be an Aerial suit glider in the COD Mobile game.

This legendary glider Mech-Air suit from Call of Duty : Mobile is also expected to go well amongst the gamers, as it will be also equipped by the squad section and their team too.


The legendary Wingsuit Mech-Air Glider Equipment on Call Of Duty Mobile is gonna be your survival weapon, with flexibility and more adaptability too, the evolution of this will make it a necessity too.


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