How To Complete The Booyah Sign-up Event To Get White Eagle Bundle?

Booyah Sign-up Event: Due to the fact that so much in Free Fire costs diamonds, free-to-play users are stuck figuring out how to get free access to such content. Events have evolved into a realistic option, and they are now regularly released.

In Free Fire, Booyah, Garena’s gaming app, conducts a series of events where users can win free things. The Booyah Sign-Up event, which started in early February and offers a variety of incentives, including the unique White Eagle Bundle, started in early February.

Booyah Sign up Event: Details, rewards, and more

The unique event began on February 1 and will end on February 28. The awards are available to gamers who do not have a Booyah account. Players only need to join up and watch any live broadcast for a total of 30 minutes to get one prize from the prize pool.

The following are some of the significant awards available to players as a result of the event:

  1. Nairi Character
  2. LOL Emote
  3. Google Play Vouchers
  4. White Eagle Bundle

Users should be informed, however, that while the prize pool comprises a large number of other in-game items, they are not guaranteed to win one of the items listed above.

They should also be advised that the Booyah app will require them to link their Free Fire account.

Steps To Get The White Eagle Bundle are discussed below:

Step 1: Gamers must first download the Booyah app onto their mobile phones.

Step-2: They can open it and sign up using any method they like. As a result, the Free Fire account can be linked using Profile ~ Connected Account ~ Link.

Step-3: After that, people have 30-60 minutes to watch any live stream players they want to.

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