Which are the best ways to get charcoal in Minecraft 1.18?

In Minecraft, charcoal is a fewer and underutilized resource. It’s an item that’s often overlooked in favour of coal, which is far more popular among players. Despite the fact that this item is rarely used, it is nonetheless important in the game. It has a slightly different feel than coal, yet both have a similar appearance.

This might be a suitable substitute for coal if players are running low. Even while it can’t be traded with several villages, it’s still useful for fuel and for creating other items, particularly soul light items. It is not found natively anywhere in the world, which is one of the reasons it is relatively obscure and misused by players.

Which are the best ways to get charcoal in Minecraft 1.18?

Despite the fact that charcoal is not commonly available throughout the planet, it may be simply created by the players. Smelting wood logs in a furnace are the simplest technique to obtain them. Players rarely smelt wood because it may be utilized to make a variety of goods. They can, however, obtain this item by melting it in a furnace. Put wood logs in a furnace and smelt them with coal or another fuel.
Instead, there is a contextual approach to obtaining this item organically. Players may come upon campfires smoldering on top of hay bales in various communities. If these campfires are broken without the silk contact enchantment, they would just drop two charcoal.

Even if players don’t need this item on a regular basis, it can be utilized to make a variety of other products. It may be used to make a campfire when coupled with wood logs and sticks. Fire charges can be made with blaze powder and gunpowder. They may be used to make both soul and conventional torches in Minecraft 2022.


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