Which are the best ways to earn maximum Silver coins in BGMI 2022?

In the battle royale gaming market, BGMI is already one of the most well-known names. With huge prize pool tournaments and other events, the game has contributed to improving the cost and differentiation conditions.

With the use of in-game coins such as UC, silver fragments, and AG, gamers can obtain a plethora of free stuff. Silver is one of the game’s earliest commodities given to users.

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, gamers can redeem silver for a variety of things. Nevertheless, it is difficult for gamers to accumulate a large amount of silver because it is only available in a few ways. This article outlines some simple ways to obtain silver in BGMI.

Which are the best ways to earn maximum Silver coins in BGMI 2022?

The box unlocking is the best approach to gain a lot of free silver coins in BGMI. Gamers can obtain up to 50 silver coins from different boxes in the game’s crates area.

Because premium, classic, and supply crates do not need any UC, gamers can open them for free. Developers update and add new content to these crates on a regular basis.

The other way to earn silver in BGMI is to dismantle identical stock items. If a player has two similar things in BGMI, they can disassemble them from the stock to receive free silver in their inventory. Users to earn more silver by destroying counterfeit legendary and mythic artifacts.

Another option is to obtain free silver in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Season vouchers are given to players when they reach a predetermined tier, such as Diamond or Ace in the genre.

These tokens can be redeemed for a variety of in-game products, including silver coins, AG cash, and prior season clothes and parachutes. A solitary season token can be redeemed for two silver fragments in the season area.

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