Which are the 5 popular village seeds in 2022?

Minecraft villages are organically generated collections of houses. Villagers, who are docile mobs with whom players can trade and engage, live in such houses.

Villages could have a variety of appearances. This is determined by the biome in which the village spawned. Villages are an incredible guide for gamers because they frequently endure value blocks, crops, rooms, and loot boxes.

Which are the 5 popular village seeds in 2022?


Gamers spawn on a beautiful beach facing a Woodland Mansion with such a settlement at its base in this seed. Considering the village’s tiny size, a loot chest can be located inside. In the distance, there is also a shipwreck.


The seed is as lovely as it is practical. Gamers will spawn near a settlement perched atop a mountainous region. A much more small village can be seen not far off. The above seed features stunning mountain regions that highlight the new 1.18 caverns and cliffs upgrade.


In this seed, gamers spawn a charming settlement on a Lukewarm Ocean biome beach. A shipwreck may be seen in the distance, protruding out of the ocean. To the east of the town, amid the woods, is a shrine. Keep an eye out for tripwires when investigating them.


In this seed, players are likely on a small arid island with a busy hamlet. The island is surrounded by a lovely Warm Ocean habitat with vistas of colorful coral. On the background, a rare great plains biome can be spotted. This seed would’ve been ideal for someone looking to establish a survival island.


This is a one-of-a-kind seed. Gamers will spawn in the rare Ice Spikes biome. A frozen river near spawn with a town on an island. This seed is ideal for people looking to establish a frozen surviving world. It is one of the most popular seed of 2022.

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