Which are the 5 most popular Fortnite skins as of 2022?

Thousands of skins have been released through battle passes and the Item Store in Fortnite over the years. Most of these Item Store skins reappear, however sometimes there are significant intervals between appearances.

That renders them quite unusual, especially since they aren’t likely to return anytime in the near future. Battle pass skins, of course, are never reintroduced because they were once unique. These are the popular skins that could return in the future, according to this article.

Which are the 5 most popular Fortnite skins as of 2022?


Rey and other Star Wars skins are expected to be back on May 4 or for the Obi-Wan Kenobi concert on May 25. It will no longer be rare if this occurs, yet it has been missing for 703 days. That was one of the game’s longest droughts.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren follows the same logic. Including the Book of Boba Fett cooperation, other Star Wars skins, such as the Imperial Stormtrooper, were brought back. Kylo Ren and many others, on either hand, did not, and he, too, has already been missing for 703 days.


Dante, one of the Halloween-themed skins, mysteriously disappeared this past Halloween, so no one knows if or when it will return. It’s not a particularly popular skin, which adds to its uniqueness.


Deo’s rarity stems partly from the fact that very few people are aware of it. Deo was addressed in Chapter 2 of Season 3 and would not be a particularly popular cosmetic. Those who have it have a tendency to forget about that now. As a result, anyone that has the skin has a very rare Fortnite item.


Finn, like the rest of the Star Wars cosmetics on this list, has already been missing for quite some time. The longest continuous gap of any Star Wars skin in the game is 827 days. If it reappears, it will not be uncommon, because those who have it must consider yourself fortunate.

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