Which are the 5 most popular customizable cars in GTA online?

There are far too many automobiles in GTA Online to count, and each DLC adds additional whips to the game. Before every DLC, the vehicle community becomes the most excited, and the Tuners DLC was designed just for the car crowd.

Right now, there are a lot of great-looking automobiles in the game. Some are attractive in their stock state, but only a few are transformed into masterpieces after being customized. This article solely discusses cosmetic modifications, not performance enhancements.

Which are the 5 most popular customizable cars in GTA online?

Benefactor Schlagen GT

Only a few of the cars in the game are accurate reproductions of real-life vehicles. If there’s one automobile that comes close, it’s the Benefactor Schlagen GT. Even in its standard configuration, the car pays homage to the Mercedes-AMG GT and is stunning to look at. Legendary Motorsports is selling it for $1.3 million.

It can be changed into a whole different beast once the changes are completed. The Schlagen now only has 32 presets to play with (including performance presets). However, this isn’t a list of the most customizable cars; rather, it’s a list of the greatest. Under Bumpers, there is a tonne of different options, including some amazing exhaust options, and gamers can transform this into a fully customized design or keep it simple.

 Karin Sultan RS

Before the Tuners DLC, the Karin Sultan RS was “THE” tuner car. For automobile lovers, it was the go-to vehicle. The Lexus IS, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5, and Subaru Impreza all serve as design inspiration for the car. This is Benny’s car in the game, and once the conversion is completed, it can be entirely altered. The car can be purchased for about $12,500, and the modification will set you back $795,000.

In GTA Online, the customizing options for this car are virtually unlimited. Every preset offers a plethora of tweakable settings. In the hands of a gamer, this car has the potential to be genuinely distinctive. It may be anything the driver wishes it to be, including a sleeper, drift vehicle, tuner car, rally car, and so on.

 Pfister Comet S2

The Pfister Comet S2 is another GTA Online car from the Los Santos Tuners DLC that makes this list. This is a stunning vehicle with a lot of customization choices. It is inspired on the Porsche 911 (992), which is a great car in and of itself. Legendary Motorsport is selling the Comet S2 for $1.8 million. It has a trade value of $1.4 million and can be unlocked with the help of Car Meet Rep.

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