Which are the 5 best Vehicle songs to choose for better driving experience?

GTA Online gamers are really fortunate to have access to such a diverse range of music on the radio in the game. Never seen before in the series has there been a total of 25 stations to choose from.

Although everybody has a favorite genre and station in the game, certain songs stand out and may be listened to over and over again.

Which are the 5 best Vehicle songs to choose for better driving experience?

Jamiroquai – Alright

Jamiroquai is known for his peppy songs, vibrant style, and manner all around the world. Several individuals want to dance when they hear his music.

GTA Online players are more than eager to sing along to this famous British artist’s music when traveling in their cars. This track is one of the show’s latest radio adds in the last 6 months.


Stardust’s feel-good tune was the group’s only release. It has, nevertheless, received such critical praise since its publication in the late 1990s that it is still in demand today.

Rockstar Games made a wonderful choice in including this tune in the game, in the view of many of these gamers, particularly those who grew up in the 1990s.

Sneaker Pimps

This is a pretty calming music to have on the playlist, but it is exactly what players need at sometimes. It’s simple to imagine yourself relaxing in a car along the Vespucci beach while listening to this music.

The Sneaker Pimps’ music has previously been incorporated in GTA games, beginning with Liberty City Tales, in which the song was broadcast on Rise FM, among the most famous stations in the previous instalment of the series.

Dr. Dre & Queen Pen

Some other famous hip-hop trio from the 1990s, giving you the finest of American music. It was featured on the billboard during it was launched.

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