Which Are The 5 Best House Designs in Minecraft in 2022?

One of the first things that come to mind for a new players when they start playing Minecraft is the necessity for shelter before the sunsets. On the first night, every new player wishes to escape being overwhelmed by hostile mobs.

While a player’s first house is largely made of cobblestone, dirt, or wooden planks, they can enhance their construction skills over time as they gain experience. As a result, some distinctively designed homes are built.

Reddit is among the most active and prominent social media sites for Minecraft fans to debate many parts of the game, including building, seeds, screenshots, updates, versions, mods, shaders, and more.

3 Best House Designs in Minecraft in 2022

new blocks

Many of the bricks used in this little and wild-looking Minecraft mansion are not yet included in the game’s final version. The house’s foundation is made of oak boards, but the rest is made of mangrove planks, mangrove wood, and mangrove logs.

Azalea leaves are employed as a decorative element, while the inside walls are made of mud blocks. A tower with wooden planks, stripped wooden logs, and trapdoors can be seen ascending from the center.

Group of houses

There are more than ten houses in this small Minecraft hamlet, each with its own shape and size. Birch planks, stripped birch logs, crimson nether bricks, glowstone, cobblestone, variations of the wooden plank, and more are the primary blocks utilized in all of these structures.

Some of the structures in the property are designed like towers, while others resemble modest cottages.

Reinforced survival house

This modest Minecraft survival house is one of the neatest and most attractive structures available. The symmetry is immediately apparent, with every component of the construction radiating minimalism, from the clearing in which the home is built to the garden, walls, and modest tower on the building’s side.


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