Which are the 3 popular mods in Minecraft 1.18.2 as of 2022?

Several modders have uploaded new mods or updated their existing works to fit the new changes made in-game with the launch of Minecraft version 1.18.2. These works may be found all over the internet, particularly on CurseForge and PlanetMinecraft.

Regardless, even though version 1.18.2 has been out for a while, there are a few amazing mods to be aware of in the current edition of the game.

Which are the 3 popular mods in Minecraft 1.18.2 as of 2022?

Furniture Mod

Although Minecraft players have created some very remarkable furniture using bricks, how about if the furniture itself was made of blocks? Players will have access to 80+ distinct pieces of furniture with varied degrees of difficulty to construct thanks to MrCrayfish’s mod.

This includes commonplace items like seats, sofas, desks, and stools, as well as more unusual items like grills, cabinets, blinds, and even mailboxes. Many of these blocks are more than just aesthetic; many of them are fully functional and may be used as intended. In multiplayer, players can even use mailboxes to convey items and notes to one another.

Fast Leaf Decay

It’s one thing to chop down trees in Minecraft, but dealing with the leaf blocks afterwards may be a pain. They take a long time to vanish after the tree’s trunk has vanished. This mod, on the other hand, makes clearing out trees a lot easier because all types of leaf blocks disperse considerably faster and in a more ordered manner.

When the last of the a tree’s log blocks are cut down, it might only take roughly 5 seconds for all of its leaf blocks to vanish, according to the mod’s default settings. There’s no need to wait for the leaves to fall before moving on to the next tree or going to pick up sticks and apples.

Enchantment Descriptions mod

Enchantment Descriptions is a mod that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s especially useful for newcomers to Minecraft. Players will now see a tiny tooltip description of how the enchantment works while hovering over an enchanted item, such as a piece of gear or an enchanted book.

This is extremely useful for players who may not understand the subtleties of each enchantment or who frequently forget them. Enchantment Descriptions should be included to players’ mod list because it never hurts to have a reminder while enchanting.

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