Which are the 3 most popular temple Minecraft seeds you should know in 2022?

Jungle temples are among Minecraft’s most unique constructions. In Java Edition, they are formally referred to as jungle pyramids, but in the Bedrock Version, they are merely known as temples. The word jungle temple, on the other hand, usually refers to a construction discovered in the jungle.

These buildings can contain amazing loot, such as diamond horse armor, enchanted novels, emeralds, mounts, jewels, iron ingots, gold ingots, and much more. This is the primary reason gamers seek them out, yet they are typically quite tough to locate. Using seed to find anything is a simple technique to solve the problem.

Which are the 3 most popular temple Minecraft seeds you should know in 2022?


This jungle temple isn’t hard to discover. In truth, it’s fairly simple because it’s easily visible without anything in the way. Nevertheless, that wasn’t what distinguishes this seed.

It really is that there was a small forest island with a jungle temple on it. As many people modify an island to give it their home, this may be a fantastic base.


What could be finer beyond one jungle temple? Two temples in the bush. What’s greater than all that? There are three rainforest temples. Luckily, there are four jungle temples nearby hatching in this seed, not one, two, or three. Players can reach near to all three temples by using two sets of exact locations: -936, 75, 248, and -1176 72, 40. There’s bound to be some fantastic loot in each of them.


One of the most fascinating aspects of the forest, where temples can be discovered, is how huge and dense it can be. It’s wonderful for exploration and usually has a lot of building materials.

This seed contains a vast jungle biome with a large tunnel (thanks to the new 1.18 cave creation). A jungle temple is also around. 377, 92, and 409 are the positions in Minecraft.

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