Which are the 3 most intelligent mobs in Minecraft as of 2022?

The mobs in Minecraft can indeed be pretty dumb at times. They frequently use simple pathfinding that is simple to exploit. However, there are some monsters inside the game that can shock gamers with their behavior, nearly appearing to have a degree of true intellect themselves.

Which are the 3 most intelligent mobs in Minecraft as of 2022?


Zombies are frequently one among, though not the initial dangerous mobs that players may confront in a new area, and they can often appear similar to their cinematic counterparts: Slow, waddling mounds of decaying flesh-hungry for brains.

Minecraft zombies were shown to be able to maneuver riddles correctly in terms of reaching an identified mob. They are also aware that they can smash down the front door to approach a player who is hidden in a structure or outpost. They have been the only mobs in the game who can do so.


Shulkers would be the last remaining occupants of the cities strewn over the End installment archipelago. They show their intellect by attacking the player and defending themself from an onslaught.

They may fire missiles that pursue the player, performing twists and bends to keep up with them. They are also capable of detecting the player across boundaries. This, combined with their developing and launching tracking projectiles, allows them to launch opponents between about angles or inside structures. Their biggest defensive feature is its ability to teleport away from the player if they’re too near or if they lose quality. This displays their authority to discern which places are healthier than this is what they’re currently in.


Witches in the game are really clever in terms of just how they strike and enhance themselves. They use medicines for attacking and defending, which need a great deal of knowledge to prepare.

They can use healing potions to heal themselves and turn invisible to avoid the player. It could also inflict weakening and poisonous pills, along with instantaneous injury potions, to opponents. This exhibits intellect by demonstrating that they understand how to degrade a combatant prior to moving in for the kill.

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