Which are the 3 best seeds to mine diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds can be used to make some of the best Minecraft tools and equipment, so it’s no surprise that gamers are always on the lookout for them.

Finding diamonds in Minecraft is a time-honed skill, and players are having to relearn the procedure following the changes to mineral distribution in version 1.18. Regardless, because to the sharing of world seeds, many Minecraft players have made the procedure a little easier.

Some seeds enable access to either diamond ore or diamonds itself, regardless of which platform the game is played on. Consoles, Pocket version, and even Education Edition are among the notable features of Bedrock Edition.

3 best seeds to mine diamonds in Minecraft

Village with Diamonds

This seed, discovered by Minecraft Hub member Zkaboom1, requires a little effort but pays off handsomely. Players should go southwest till they come across a savannah village. A church with a tiny pool of water to the left of its entrance can be found in this town. Players will unearth a genuine treasure mine of ores if they dig deep enough into this pool.

Ores like emerald are included, as well as a stunning 53 diamonds’ worth of ore. It must cover almost all of the necessary equipment for a new player to get started. However, because the water can be difficult to navigate, players may wish to dig around it or bring healing supplies to avoid drowning while digging.

Deepslate Diamond Access

It’s not every day that Minecraft players come upon a cave that extends all the way down to the lowest elevations on the planet. Luckily, gamers will get exactly that in this seed. Gamers will observe a vast open ravine in the planet, which begins with a birch woodland biome. This ravine extends far below the normal ravine, all the way down to deep slate layers.

With a little mining, gamers can locate a significant number of diamonds if they can follow the ravine’s depths all the way down. Finding the gems may take some time, but the amount of money a player can bring back to their castle is amazing.

19 Ore Vein

Within an adjacent deep slate layer, this Minecraft seed has a diamond vein of 19 ore blocks. The vein is about 1,000 blocks away from the spawning, so gamers will have to travel a little to get there. Minecraft gamers should have no trouble building a fast pickaxe and going to work because these diamonds are so nearby.


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