Which are the 3 best gun skins in Free Fire after OB33 update in 2022?

Although characters and pets are the important resources of benefits in Free Fire, weapon skins provide a plethora of benefits. They can boost magazine size, precision, and even reloading speed regardless of the type of skin utilized.

Selecting weapon skins that boost penetration and rate of fire, on the other hand, is the greatest choice for maximum utility. Although there are many options, just a handful distinguish in terms of features and appearance.

Which are the 3 best gun skins in Free Fire after the OB33 update in 2022?

Flaming Dragon

3 best gun skins in Free Fire 2022: In Free Fire, AKs are unique breeds of assault rifles. They’re well enough to have decent numbers, but controlling them takes a lot of ability. They are potent mid-range weaponry anyway without extensions.

The Flaming Dragon AK skin can be used to make the gun more dangerous. It enhances damages by a substantial amount while also increasing the rate of firing by a minor amount. To make things more equitable, the magazine size is reduced somewhat to account for these buffs.

Wilderness Hunter UMP

3 best gun skins in Free Fire 2022: In Free Fire, the UMP is perhaps the most versatile SMG available. It may be equipped with any extension, creating it a popular weapon among both experienced and novice players. Its USP, on the other hand, is its capacity to do armor-piercing damage.

The armor penetration factor improves dramatically when coupled with the Wilderness Hunter skin. It transforms the firearm into a lethal weapon at any distance. It also increases the rate of fire, allowing players to adopt the solvent extraction strategy.

Cupid SCAR

3 best gun skins in Free Fire 2022: Fans should overlook the SCAR while discussing the ideal weapon for novices and amateurs in Free Fire. It has low recoil, good damage, and is simple to control in combat.

Cupid is a skin for those that wish to get a little more out of their SCAR in combat. It greatly enhances the rate of fire and enhances the damage output. Considering the weapon’s simplicity, gamers shouldn’t expect the skin to perform miracles in battle.

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