Which are the 3 best features added after update in 2022?

The forthcoming 1.19 update, widely known as “The Wild Update,” has made 2022 a year of expectation for Minecraft users.

Players may get a sneak glimpse at the planned features in the update thanks to recent screenshots shared by Mojang. Despite the fact that these implementations haven’t been fully released, the snapshots give the best indication of what players can expect.

Since no big content upgrades have been published in 2022 thus far, users have been searching these snapshots in order to enjoy the new material before it becomes available in its whole. Even in these preview builds alone, there are plenty new implementations to admire.

Which are the 3 best features added after the update in 2022?

When travelling in a Minecraft world, you can never have too much storage for your belongings. Players will be able to add another technique to their list thanks to the upcoming 1.19 release.

Boats with chests, similar to minecart chests, will be introduced in version 1.9. Players can now toss their belongings into a chest and take them over seas, streams, and other waterbodies at their leisure.

Boats with chests should be quite useful until players acquire access to shulker boxes later in the game, especially when exploring. Instead of storing superfluous stuff, players can keep their inventory open for other materials and uncommon finds.

Several Minecraft players have probably experienced the agony of losing their stuff after dying and forgetting where to get them again.

Thankfully, Minecraft 1.9 introduces recovery directions, which lead to the player’s most recent death location.

These directions may be made with a needle and echo fragments, the other of which could be discovered in the deep dark biome’s new old city constructions.

The big black biome and its old settlements are two of the most intriguing new features in Minecraft 1.19 and its previews.

The deep dark biome resonates with the moans of the lost and is swarming with discovered sculk blocks, making it an unpleasant and unfriendly area.

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