Which are the 3 best character options in GTA online?

If you’ve already experienced Grand Theft Auto Online, you realize how tough it is to start your game with any good characters. All of the characters wind up appearing far too frightening, with oddly shaped faces and basic goofy characteristics that don’t work.

Whereas the game gives an engaging experience with incredible graphics, it isn’t well adapted to animating individuals with beautiful features that appear such as actual people.

Which are the 3 best character options in GTA online?

 Attractive female character

Constructing a female character who is at least tolerable would be even more challenging than creating a compelling male protagonist.

The game’s selection of features and hairstyles is limited, making it nearly impossible to create an attractive female avatar. Someone must have solved the formula, and a Sophia and Diego daughter with pigtails is an excellent choice to contemplate.

Dark hair and chiseled jawline

A further GTA Online player has created a character that isn’t half awful looking. One such character is definitely worth a try, with trendy dark brown hair, pale blue eyes, and a chiselled jawline.

The designer began with Benjamin and Amelia as the parents and worked his way up to this dashing young man.

 John Wick

Keanu Reeves’ namesake persona from the John Wick films has been recreated by a GTA Online gamer.

Choose the relatives to John and Amelia and gradually build up from there if you want to make your favorite action hero come to life in the game. Ensure to change the emotion to anger; in this situation, it truly makes it official.

Handsome look

Modify the mom and dad to Amelia and Michael, accordingly, in the character maker to create the foundation for this incredibly cool character.

This specific male protagonist is worth developing if you want to emanate a cool, unflustered attitude in your next online game. He is literally the personification of tall, dark, and gorgeous.

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