When will the next official Minecraft Championship Cup tournament be held?

The Minecraft Championship has returned for its 21st tournament. They got the year off to a wonderful start with a fantastic MCC 20 event including numerous Minecraft stars playing against each other. They took Twitter by storm once more when they revealed the date of their upcoming event.

Fans of the game, as well as various Minecraft streamers and content developers, were overjoyed when the next event was announced on the official Twitter handle. The MCC 21 will take place three weeks from today, on April 30. They also stated that their teams would’ve been named next week, with fans able to see their favorite content creators collaborate with one another.

When will the next official Minecraft Championship Cup tournament be held?

Because the event is well-known throughout the Minecraft community, both fans and content developers were ecstatic to learn that the next event was approaching. They swamped the official MCC account’s Twitter with various responses.

Ranboo, a well-known streamer, revealed his last ounce of optimism about winning the next MCC in a hilarious way. He uploaded a depressing photo and stated that he should win this time. The official MCC account responded to the tweet as well, wondering whether he was okay. Ranboo was newly introduced to the MCC event, however, he has still yet to win.

Another popular streamer, Antfrost, voiced his excitement for the new MCC. He is regularly featured in videos alongside BadBoyHalo, Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, and Dream, as well as on the Dream SMP platform.

Millions of supporters and other content providers responded to the official MCC Twitter date announcement as well. Fans eagerly anticipate the event because it allows them to see their favorite streams compete in the popular sandbox game. They conveyed their delight at the arrival of MCC 21 on April 30. However, it hasn’t been announced officially by Minecraft.


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