What is the simplest way to domesticate Ocelot in Minecraft 1.19?

domesticate Ocelot in Minecraft 1.19
domesticate Ocelot in Minecraft 1.19

In Minecraft 1.19, ocelots are an uncommon inactive mob. All kinds of species populate the enormous sandbox game to enrich the overall experience. Nearly every single form of living organism can be found in the game, from naturally occurring animals to enigmatic supernatural monsters. Ocelots, for example, are uncommon and feral cats.

Those mobs can be found in the game’s rainforests, reed rainforests, scant dense forests, and meadows biodiversity. They may hatch on any grassland blocks over water level, generally as parents but occasionally with a few babies too though.

What is the simplest way to domesticate Ocelot in Minecraft 1.19?


Gamers should have 2 things about them before seeking to control the mob: raw fish or salmon and a leash. Gamers should keep in mind that there are these feral cats that can also be entirely domesticated like animals.

Wolves and cats could be totally domesticated and would even accompany a known player; nevertheless, gamers must earn the trust of Ocelots in order for them to not flee. As a result, gamers would need to entice them in with food and then use a leash to transport them.

Because these creatures are uncommon, gamers will have to search for them carefully in various forest ecoregions and pastures. They should be able to spot a pack of these creatures moving throughout the environment after a few trials.

Gamers must know that these gangs are timid and will flee if approached unexpectedly. Ocelots are exceptionally fast runners, and if they start running, players will be unable to catch them. As a result, gamers must first hold a raw fish or salmon before sneaking up on the wild cat. The mob would identify the player and the fishes when they are near enough. Gamers can then gradually feed the crowd until hearts begin to float over everyone.

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