What Is The Fortnite New Bug To Get Permanent Vault Keycard?

Fortnite New Bug To Get Permanent Vault Keycard
Fortnite New Bug To Get Permanent Vault Keycard

Fortnite New Bug To Get Permanent Vault Keycard: Covert Canyon was one of the top loot areas in Fortnite’s history when it was launched. Four Air Drops, four IO Chests, four Gold Vaults (Safes), six Ammo Boxes, and two Large Ammo Boxes may be found in the Vault. There aren’t many places with as many opportunities like this one. Only one difficult part is getting into the Vault. It’s hidden, and the keycard must be obtained from Gunnar, the IO boss with 650 HP and 650 shields.

The keycard, like treasure maps, expires after a single use, although there is a bug that allows you to keep the card after entering the Vault. This article will help you out with its usage.

Fortnite New Bug To Get Permanent Vault Keycard

The bug was discovered by Glitch King, who has a talent for discovering all kinds of useful tips and glitches in games. Eliminating Gunnar and obtaining the keycard is the first and most difficult stage. It will direct players to the Vault in the same way that a map would. For this to work, players must have a fully stocked inventory.
To unlock the Vault, players must swipe and instantly pick up the extra object on the ground. The supplementary item in his case was a tent, and it could be whatever.

The keycard will then sit on the ground as the Vault unlocks. The keycard will not disappear when Fortnite players pick it up and loot the chests underneath.

Regretfully, there are only a few benefits to this. The Vault can only be used once because there is only one. This glitch, unlike the treasure map glitch, does not allow users to enjoy the advantages several times.

It can, though, be utilized as bait, as Glitch King attempted to do with it. If the storm circle keeps Covert Canyon within, players can use the keycard as bait for adversaries.

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