What is the download link for Minecraft Beta version?

The most recent version of Minecraft Bedrock Beta has been released. As Mojang moves closer to the final launch of the update, the first 1.19 beta has incorporated various new features and updates. The Beta allows players to try out new features before the rest of the world.

Significant upgrades and bug fixes have been made to the Warden, frogs, Allay, and other characters. The long-awaited debut of the Mangrove Swamp biome and mud blocks is, though, the highlight of this release.

What is the download link for the Minecraft Beta version?

The Minecraft beta versions differ significantly. When it comes to beta features, the Bedrock edition is still lagging behind the Java edition, but it does have the new Minecraft goats, which you can create with eggs in creative mode and breed with wheat! About a month before the formal launch, snapshot copies of updates are frequently available.

Player’ll have to follow these procedures to get into the Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta :

  • Search for the Insider app in the Microsoft Store app. It is available for free download.
  • After you’ve opened the app, go to the Previews tab. If you own the Minecraft Bedrock edition, check out the ‘Minecraft for Windows 10 beta program.’ Please read the disclaimer by clicking on this link.
  • After reading the notice and confirming that you understand the terms of service, the beta version of Minecraft will be downloaded immediately from the Microsoft Store.
  • To begin a new game, open the freshly installed version of Minecraft and select the “New Game” button. If the title page says ‘beta,’ you’re using the right version.

Several major features are introduced in this Beta. As the 1.19 update approaches, the following has been added or updated:

The features of the Wild Update are no longer thought experimental.

New splash screen texts for the Wild Update have been included.

The reloading screen tips for the Wild Update have been added to the main menu.

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