What are the best locations to get the dried kelp in Minecraft 1.19 2022?

dried kelp in Minecraft 1.18
Dried kelp in Minecraft 1.18

Notch, the developer of Minecraft, originally hinted at kelp in 2009, hinting that a kelp element will be added to the game. Kelp, on the other hand, will not be added until later, in 2018.

The previous¬†update completely overhauled the game’s seas, transforming them from dreary squid-infested stretches of mud and gravel to far more vibrant lengths of grassland and kelp with aquatic creatures and whales.

Kelp is an undersea plant that grows in almost all aquatic ecoregions. The freezing, profound, and mild sea microclimates are the only ones where kelp may sprout.

Throughout creation, each block in a qualified kelp spawning habitat has a 1/18 chance of producing a randomized area of kelp.

Kelp may be smashed with any tool or even the user’s fist. When a lower section of the kelp is destroyed, every part of something like the stem well above the breaking point is likewise broken, allowing gamers to swiftly gather huge quantities of kelp by remaining on the ocean’s bottom.

What are the best locations to get the dried kelp in Minecraft 1.19 2022?

Kelp may be dried in a variety of ways, many of which include fire. The most common approach is to simply dry kelp in a furnace, just like every other object that may be torched or melted. Users will gain 0.1 skill every piece of dried kelp removed from a furnace, or 6.4 credit for every stack.

They may dry kelp with burners and open fires in conjunction to the oven. Smokers work similarly to burners, though they can make meals nearly twice as fast, making them the preferable option for cooking kelp.

The usage of dried kelp as a dietary source is somewhat more beneficial. Users will be able to restore one hunger or half of a hunger icon for every piece of dried kelp they ingest. On the Bedrock Edition, this would give players 0.2 brightness, while on Java, it will provide him 0.6 overload. Dried

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