Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) 2022: Qualified Teams In Playoffs

Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) Playoffs teams
Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) Playoffs

Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) Playoffs Qualified Teams: After seven grueling qualifications, six of which are regional, and one wild card, the top eight teams will participate in the main stage of the Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022. Even so, the event will continue after the qualifiers, with the top 8 teams battling for two slots in the APAC Split 1 Playoff. Although, the event will continue on to the Playoffs Stage after the Qualifiers Stage, which will take place from 18 February to 20 February.

In India Qualifiers 1 and 2, Global Esports and God Particles, on the other hand, failed not to win their respective berths. Besides, both the Indian teams proceeded to the main stage after defeating the odds in the Wild Card Qualifier. With the addition of Global Esports and God Particles to the playoffs, the top eight teams are qualified.

Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) Playoffs Qualified Teams

“We’ve seen a significant demand build up among South Asian players for our VCC property since its inception, as it provides all Valorant gamers the opportunity to compete and leave their imprint on an international level,” stated Akshat Rathee, MD and Co-Founder of NODWIN Gaming, in an official statement. The qualified team’s list along with their regions are listed below.

  • Velocity Gaming (India)
  • Enigma Gaming (India)
  • Team Exploit (Pakistan)
  • Exceeli Esports (Bangladesh)
  • Union Gaming (Sri Lanka)
  • Khumbu Esports (Nepal)
  • Global Esports (India)
  • God Particles (India)

The Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 will be the first opportunity for South Asian teams to compete on Valorant’s grandest stage. Nodwin Gaming, South Asia’s leading esports firm, has teamed with Riot Games to organize VCC 2022 in the region. The Challengers are in the playoffs. Furthermore, the APAC area will not exclusively host SA and SEA nations this time. Representatives from Japan and Oceania will also be attending. China and South Korea, on the other hand, will run their own qualifying prior to the Master.

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