Valorant Widejoy Return In Episode 4 Battlepass 2022

Valorant Widejoy Return In Episode 4 Battlepass
Valorant Widejoy Return In Episode 4 Battlepass

Valorant Widejoy Return In Episode 4 Battlepass: The community was overjoyed to see the iconic Widejoy return, with one restriction, in the next Battlepass for Act 2 in Valorant, which was announced a few days ago. Widejoy arose from a loading screen glitch that surfaced during the patch 3.12 return of wide player cards. Among the customary seriousness and frustration involved with the game, it rapidly became an amusing meme for the community to appreciate. Riot, on the other hand, had to take it down.

Valorant Widejoy Return In Episode 4 Battlepass

Players may finally celebrate because Widejoy will be available as a player card in the forthcoming Act 2 Battlepass. The item will not be accessible as a defective wide banner; instead, Killjoy will be shown looking at a tab also with banner and #SaveWidejoy displayed.
When players learned that their beloved Widejoy card in Valorant was being removed due to a bug, the hashtag became part of a larger community campaign. The game’s developers discussed the Widejoy issue in a Reddit AMA and stated that the item would be repaired.

Players responded with amusing memes and justifications for why the feature did not need to be removed. #KeepWideJoy became a trend as gamers continued to share their stories, many of which were exaggerated, in order to make their argument for why the wide banner should remain in Valorant.
Despite the fact that the glitch needs to be patched, Anna Donlon, the Valorant Dev Team Lead, stated that they were “already at work on ways to put her back into the game.” Riot appears to have maintained their word.

The next Battlepass will have three skin collections: Striker Collection, Lycans Bane Collection, and Divine Swine Collection, each of which will include a variety of weaponry. Players can also get a Glitchpop-style melee knife from the Striker line.

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