Valorant Mobile Release Date, Beta Version, and More Leaks for India we know so far

Valorant Mobile Release Date in India
Valorant Mobile Release Date

Mobile Gamers are waiting for the launch of the mobile version of Valorant. Ever since Riot Games informed about Valorant Mobile version of the game, the anticipations amongst Valorant gamers had risen to the top.

Now there are leaks about Valorant Mobile Release Date, Valorant closed beta version and more Valorant Mobile leaks.

Valorant Mobile Release Date Announced for India?

An official release date on Valorant Mobile is definitely going to come up soon from Riot Games. But to date, the Valorant Mobile release date has been kept confidential from the makers, as even the Riot Games’ executive producer Anna Donlon stated that Valorant Mobile game version is currently being tested and under development. But Anna Donlon also confirmed that Valorant Mobile is sure to release in the year 2022. So, hold your excitement guys, Valorant Mobile is coming soon to you.

Valorant Mobile Closed Beta Version ?

Earlier there were rumours that, an exclusive closed beta version of the Valorant game will come out in July for selective countries to test and get special exclusive access to Valorant Mobile game.

Usa, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Newzealand are rumoured to be there on that list. But India is not there for Valorant Mobile beta version.

So Indian Valorant fans will have to wait for few more months before getting their chance to play Valorant Mobile game official.

Valorant Mobile Requirements

As even the Valorant Mobile’s release date from Riot Games is yet to come out, there are numerous rumours and leaks about the internal storage requirements for Valorant Mobile game on your devices.

Yes, Valorant Mobile will require around 1.5 GB minimum from your device to be played smoothly. 4GB ram would give you a great Valorant Mobile gaming experience.

So, let’s all wait for the official Valorant Mobile release date, leaks and more news on Valorant Mobile beta version of the game from Riot Games officially and exclusively.


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