Valorant Champions Tour NA (VCT) 2022: Details, Schedule and More

Valorant Champions Tournament (VCT) 2022
Valorant Champions Tour NA (VCT) 2022

In the forthcoming VCT 2022 Stage 1: NA Challengers, Valorant has given its North American fans almost a month There were intriguing matches featuring 12 of the greatest teams from the region. The Valorant Champions Tour NA 2022 is back, and the VCT’s second season, which kicks off in 2022, will try to build on the first’s success.

The creation of national leagues, the expansion of Game Changers, the revision of the Challengers format, the inclusion of “offseason” events sponsored by third-party organizers, and more have all been announced for 2022.

Valorant Championship Tour (VCT) 2022

The VCT format will undergo many changes in 2022, but the core premise will remain the same. Each area will have a Challengers stage, with the leading teams progressing to international LAN play. Before a final Champions tournament at the conclusion of the year, players compete in Masters events.

In Masters competitions, there will be two phases leading up to the Champions tournament in December. The date has been selected for September. Third-party organizers will host “offseason series and events” in the latter months of the year. Additionally, in 2022, Game Changers will be reintroduced as a VCT supplement. With three series and a double-elimination tournament, the format will be the same as in 2021. This year, Game Changers will culminate in the inaugural international Game Changers Championship.

Furthermore, the Group Stage will be played in a round-robin format, with each fixture decided by a best-of-three series. Each group’s top four clubs will advance to the playoffs. The following are the divisions of the teams:

Group A

  1. 100 Thieves
  2. Cloud9
  3. XSET
  4. The Guard
  5. Luminosity Gaming
  6. Evil Geniuses

Group B

  1. Sentinels
  2. Envy
  3. Version1
  4. NRG
  5. Pittsburgh Knights
  6. Rise

Besides, the tournament’s Playoffs will begin on March 17 and run for two weeks, with games scheduled from Thursday through Sunday. Even so, the Lower and Grand Finals will be best-of-five sets, with the remaining matchups being best-of-three.

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