Valorant Agent 19 Code Name- Bounty Hunter Launch Date, Episode and More

Valorant Agent 19 Code Name- Bounty Hunter
Valorant Agent 19 Code Name- Bounty Hunter

Valorant Agent 19 Code Name- Bounty Hunter: Valorant Agent 19 code name has been revealed as “BountyHunter,” thanks to generous leakers. Data miners are rarely disappointed when it comes to uncovering information about impending updates by digging into game files.
Meanwhile, some data about the impending Agent 19 has been leaked. Although fans have only been given limited details about the future Agent, its capabilities remain unknown. In this article, you will get to know complete details about the recently leaked Agent 19 Code name.

Valorant Agent 19 Code Name- Bounty Hunter

Creators bring several significant adjustments to the game with each new version. Aside from that, at the start of each Act, they normally introduce an Agent or Map.

Last month, though, we didn’t see any new Agents or Maps to commemorate the start of Episode 4 Act II. The last time gamers got a new Agent was when Filipino Agent Neon joined Valorant’s Duelist squad at the start of Episode 4 Act I.

Riot is reportedly going to bring an additional new Agent to the game after neglecting one Act. The forthcoming one is dubbed “BountyHunter” in the creators’ working files, as per the data-miners. The game now has 18 Agents, thus this will be the 19th in Riot’s tactical shooter. There is an 18th¬†Agent, though, whose presence is a secret to Valorant fans.

Riot Official Reveals So Far

Riot announced some details regarding the next Agent a few days ago. They uploaded a video in which Viper asks Brimstone for another Agent to join their forces so that he can assist his allies by gathering intelligence, implying that the new Agent will be joining the Initiator roster.

Riot Games, on the other hand, has yet to reveal anything about the Agent. Act III of Episode 4 will begin on April 27, 2022. Before that, the developers will almost certainly provide additional information about the Agent to the gamers.

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