Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes 2022: Check Out New Upcoming Skins

Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes
Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes

Valorant 4.03  Patch Notes: The release of Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 is approaching, and players are excited about the new in-game items. The forthcoming skin package has been revealed, but it isn’t what people had hoped for. It has a strong resemblance to the hit album Glitchpop, but with a twist that has the Valorant community perplexed.

In Patch 4.03, Valorant launched the new Undercity skin bundle, which is identical to the previous Glitchpop collection. The developers at Valorant have always experimented with new themes and weapon skin lines, delivering new weapon skin lines to the market. To commemorate the Chinese Lunar New Year 2022, they recently released the Tigris skin package.

Valorant 4.03 Patch Notes 2022: Undercity Skins

Glitchpop outlines can be found on blades and weapons in the collection. A translucent body that mirrors a mysterious city last seen in Jett’s song video has been painted in similar cyberpunk colors. Players will undoubtedly take advantage of the dynamic physique combined with vivid ascents. It also has a melee weapon that combines an axe and a sword, which is always a plus. The Undercity package may be a rehash of an old idea, but it’s far from boring.  Because it is a greenscreen skin, it is not supposed to have any animation, VFX, or finishers, unlike Glitchpop.

Undercity’s new Valorant skin bundle includes:

  • Bulldog
  • Phantom
  • Judge
  • Classic
  • Hack melee
  • slash melee

The appearance of the Undercity skins is certainly appealing, but it’s not the looks that have piqued users’ interest. The mysterious girl who has been plastered all over the skins has piqued the Valorant’s interest. It might be the new agent, but Riot is unlikely to provide the first look so quickly when an agent is still an entire act away. As a result, that should be fully scratched off.

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