Valorant 4.02 Update 2022: Patch Notes, New Features And More

Valorant 4.02 Update 2022
Valorant 4.02 Update 2022

Valorant 4.02 Update 2022: Gamers may now download Valorant 4.02 update. The complete list of changes and updates for Riot’s 5vs5 character¬†4.-based shooter can be found on this page. This is a modest hotfix by Valorant standards, so don’t expect any major agent or weapon changes. Bug fixes and a few targeted performance and social improvements are the main emphases of Valorant 4.02. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Valorant 4.02.

Valorant’s most recent update reduces windowed frameless latency. Riot has also improved AFK recognition and made it easier to report problematic players using the Agent-select reporting feature.

Valorant 4.02 Update 2022

Performance Updates
Windowed The latency of Fullscreen mode has been increased to match that of Fullscreen Exclusive mode.
These improvements should work with in-game overlays, but they will be nullified if another program’s window is open on top of your gameplay window.

Yorus’s Flash Update

In Patch 4.01, when Yoru’s flashes explode after bouncing off, the explosion sound appears to be retained for a brief while. The sound effect of the explosion is anticipated to alter with the 4.02 patch, maybe resulting in a shorter duration.

The reason for this could be to eliminate any uncertainty about whether the flash occurs at the start of the pops or immediately before it when the opponents are flashed. With the new adjustment, it’s easy to say that when the sound cue was heard, flash charges popped. Riot Games may have made some changes to the existing agent in order to get players used to the rework’s aural cues. These improvements will only be validated if the update is included in the future Patch 4.02 for Valorant. During the second examine animation on the Bulldog, the pulsing FX around the Spectrum Z logo appeared near to the trigger.

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