How To Effectively Use Parrots In Minecraft 2022?

Parrots, like certain other in-game creature mobs like wolves, cats, and ocelots, could be known to survive in Minecraft. Parrots didn’t improve gamers in battle or uncover hidden gems, but birds still can be valuable in a few aspects.

While gamers shouldn’t anticipate a lot from their colorfully feathered companions, that doesn’t mean they’re completely useless. If a player spots and tames a parrot throughout their adventures, the benefits they provide are worth remembering.

How To Effectively Use Parrots In Minecraft?

Feathers Looting

Parrots can be killed and their feathers looted in Minecraft. However, this isn’t cost-effective, especially when gangs like chickens are around.

Whenever gamers equip the Looting enchantment on their gun, the number of feathers that parrots fall can rise.

However, because parrots cannot be bred in vanilla Minecraft, this should only be used as a last option. Unless people are ready to use orders or spawn eggs to make other parrots, once a parrot is killed, it is gone. Many mods allow players to raise parrots, increasing their possibility of gaining feathers while farming.


Regardless of the fact that parrots cannot be bred in vanilla Minecraft, they can be tamed and kept as pets. By colliding with their parrot while it is flying around, players can even allow it to sit on their shoulders. Although parrots don’t really do much when perched on a player’s shoulder, it’s always nice to have company.

To train a parrot, gamers must give it one of several seeds, including wheat, melon, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds. As a result, hearts should appear just above the parrot, indicating that it has already been tamed.

Detecting nearby mobs

In Minecraft, being mindful of potentially hazardous circumstances is critical. A player who’s really aware of aggressive mobs in an area, for examples, can avoid getting surprised by an encounter.

Parrots can imitate the sounds of adjacent gangs at a higher register than humans. They can warn their owners to the presence of prospective foes by doing so. It’s worth noting that these beneficial birds can only imitate mobs that are 20 blocks away or nearer.


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