How To Effectively Use Lanterns In Minecraft 2022?

Use Lanterns In Minecraft
Use Lanterns In Minecraft

Use Lanterns In Minecraft: Minecraft is a game wherein gamers are introduced to the risks and tragedies of the nighttime right from the beginning. Nightfall (not really the approaching status effect) is infamous for carrying with it hostile monsters such as creepers, skeletons, zombies, and even terrifying phantoms. It also reduces light levels in caves and confined locations until the area is completely dark.

These mobs, on the other hand, can be evaded by utilizing the game’s light sources. The lantern is another one of those light sources.

How To Effectively Use Lanterns In Minecraft 2022?

Brightest light source

Lanterns are one of the game’s most colorful items. Lanterns are one of the 16 things with a light level of 15, and they are a must-have for any base build because they are simple to make, keep the base secure from aggressive monsters, and add to the “home” appearance.

Mob spawning has indeed been modified per the light level with the new Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. The update means that no aggressive mobs will spawn if the light level in a specified location is greater than zero.

Snow Melting

Although many parts of the game, such as dragons and monsters, may appear implausible, one feature that respects the realism-fantasy divide is the fact that snow melts when placed near light sources in the game. Torches and, more crucially, lanterns are among these light sources.

Gamers may use this tool to create some fantastic designs, making their creations appear more natural. Copper oxidation is another example of a property like this.

Avoiding piglins

A type of lantern known as a soul lantern emits cyan-colored light. The fact that soul lanterns resist piglins is an exciting aspect.

If people are trying a construction in the Nether dimension, it’d be a wise decision to set soul lanterns across the build to keep piglins away.

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