How to get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale for Free in 2022?

Trade Tokens in Clash Royale in 2022
Trade Tokens in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale, Trade Tokens are used to exchange cards with your clan members and traders. But only if you reach King Level 8 in Clash Royale, you will be given access to all these trade tokens. The trade tokens in Clash Royale are always obtained in 3 ways, one is to get from the game’s challenges, next the trophy road reward also grants the trade tokens. Moreover, the Clash Royale in-game event shop also allows you to earn trade tokens in Clash Royale 2022, but here it’s not for free.

Where do you get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale in 2022? – Know it Here!

There are more than a few ways to earn the trade tokens in Clash Royale, and they are as follows:

  • Spending real money and purchasing trade tokens from the in-game event shop of Clash Royale 2022, which is not free at all.
  • Completing regular challenges and events in Clash Royale like the global tournaments and other in-game tournaments will also give a hefty amount of trade tokens.
  • Trade Tokens can also be earned through the Pass Royale. One Token from one rarity can be earned after reaching new level tiers, so this is another way of unlocking free trade tokens in Clash Royale.
  • Lastly, another option to obtain trade tokens in Clash Royale can be done by the trophy road, as you unlock different sets of trophies, and get the new trade tokens from Clash Royale’s in-game trophy road.

What is the Quickest Way to earn Trade Tokens in Clash Royale? 

The same ways can be implemented here too, as finishing up all of the challenges, and events and participating in all the Clash Royale Tournaments to earn more and more trade tokens in return.

That’s how you unlock all the trade tokens of Clash Royale in 2022, finish all the game’s challenges and events, participate in more tournaments and win all trade tokens to trade the cards with your clan mates.

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