Which Are The Top 5 Weird Fortnite Skins Till 2022?

Top 5 Weird Fortnite Skins
Top 5 Weird Fortnite Skins

Top 5 Weird Fortnite Skins: Fortnite features hundreds of skins, ranging from completely wild to totally mundane. VBucks, an in-game money that ranges from 1000 to 13,000 vBucks, can be used to purchase cosmetics.

The choice of whether or not to acquire a skin is entirely up to the players. The skins offer no additional benefit apart from being a decorative item that can be used in-game. A few skins become popular due to unique looks, while a few are ignored due to weird looks. In this article, we will list some of the weird skins in Fortnite till 2022 you should be aware of.

Top 5 Weird Fortnite Skins Till 2022

Rabbit Raider

The Cuddle Leader’s color palette is identical to that of the bunny skin with Jason’s mask. The hot pink color is typically despised, particularly when used excessively, as in this case. This skin may not be suited for everyone because Fortnite is geared at a new crowd, with the bulk of its gamers being under the range of 18.

Hollow Head

Pumpkinhead is a 2018 Halloween skin. While the orange pumpkin head with aqua-colored flames is impressive, the raven body and recycled Ragnarok cloak did not go over well with the majority of the gamers. The skin lacks focus to some level because the majority of its design is based on the previous model.

Moisty Merman

The ‘Moisty Mire’ region on Fortnite has an unsettling atmosphere to it, according to an urban legend. The colors are odd, and the garment itself is really large and poorly designed. This skin is one of the most weird skins of Fortnite till today.

The Brat

Although it is one of those skins with a smoke trail, it should not be disregarded that this really is also one of the most disliked. The main reason is its weird look. The Brat is available in two styles: one with a backward-tilted cap and one without. However, it is one of the unique skin as well.

Cuddle Team Leader

The Cuddle Team Leader skin attempts but fails miserably to show the reality of a mascot. The eyes appear to protrude a little too much. The bright pink employed in the skin is also not well appreciated by the audience.

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