How To Top Up 1 Diamond In Free Fire To Get Free Thompson Goldrim Tribute?

 Top Up 1 Diamond Free Thompson Goldrim Tribute
Top Up 1 Diamond Free Thompson Goldrim Tribute

Top Up 1 Diamond Free Thompson Goldrim Tribute: Garena has changed the first top up prize in Free Fire MAX to Thompson Goldrim Tribute, a new legendary weapon skin. Gamers who buy diamonds for the first time will now earn this skin rather than the Joseph character, which was the prior first top up reward.

Top up events, which are a common thing in the game, reward gamers for accumulating in-game wealth. Its purpose is to entice players to spend real money in order to obtain diamonds. This article will help you out with the complete Thompson Goldrim Tribute event details,

How To Get Free Thompson Goldrim Tribute?

The Thompson Goldrim Tribute is a new free gift given to Free Fire MAX gamers with their first purchase of in-game cash. The skin’s top up cost is one diamond, and players may obtain it by buying any pack.

Even those who have previously purchased in-game currency are good enough to get this incentive if they top up twice. Furthermore, the event will be accessible for a while, and there’s no need to top up instantly. As it is a legendary gun skin it possesses the following attributes:

  • Rate of Fire: +
  • Reload Speed: –
  • Accuracy: ++

With the increased accuracy and fire rate, players can take accurate shots over their opponents. Whereas this gun skin is visually appealing, it also packs a punch in terms of additional qualities, making it a worthy choice to consider.

How To Top Up 1 Diamond In Free Fire?

Step-1: Launch Free Fire MAX on your device and log in to your Free Fire account.

Step-2: Navigate to the top-up area by clicking the Plus button at the top of the screen.

Step-3: Because the event needs you to buy one diamond in order to obtain the pistol skin, you may select the smallest diamond pack.

Step-4: Once the payment is done, the diamonds will be credited to your account. You can claim this skin from the event section.

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