What Are Top 5 Popular Gold Royale Bundles From 1st Season

Top 5 Popular Gold Royale Bundles
Top 5 Popular Gold Royale Bundles

5 Popular Gold Royale Bundles: Many gamers in the Free Fire community are clamoring for costume bundles, anxious to get their hands on unique outfits and brag about them to their friends. New things are often introduced through a wide range of sources, including Elite Pass, Luck Royales, and much more.

Because players can’t afford to buy diamonds, some gamers avoid buying bundles and don’t customize their characters. However, Gold Royale is one such service that allows players to obtain clothes without having to spend real money. Using gold money or vouchers, players can obtain a variety of things.

What Are The Top 5 Popular Gold Royale Bundles In Free Fire?

 Heat bound Dunes

Heat bound Dunes, the latest Gold Royale costume set, has a dreamlike aesthetic to it. The character wears a high-tech right arm, making her look like a hybrid between being an Arabian queen and a robot.

Dunk Master

Almost everyone loves NBA jerseys, even if they aren’t basketball enthusiasts. The Dunk Master bundle includes a jersey, slacks, and athletic shoes, all of which appear to be inspired by NBA jerseys. The Dunk Master package has been reintroduced in October 2018, and it has since made numerous appearances.

Quarterback bundle

The Quarterback bundle is inspired by the uniforms worn by quarterbacks in American football. Since its introduction in 2018, the outfit has proven difficult to locate among Free Fire gamers. During 2018-19 it was amongst the most used Gold Royale bundle the Breakdancer bundle.

Imperial Corps

Imperial Corps is undoubtedly the most visually appealing of the Gold Royale bundles available in Free Fire. It was available for purchase almost a year and a half ago, in June 2020, and many people took advantage of it by spending a lot of gold. The top of the bundle, which gives you a superman feeling, was the most used item.

 Breakdancer Bundle

The Streets, also known in the game’s community as the Breakdance Bundle, is possibly the best Gold Royale bundle ever released by the developers. It’s quite uncommon, and many users have requested that Garena feel familiar.

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