Top 5 Most Used Troops in Clash Of Clans as of 2022

Most Used Troops in Clash Of Clans 2022
Most Used Troops in Clash Of Clans 2022

Clash of Clans is nothing without its troops, as troops are the major characters of this village battle game. Be it normal or super troop, both have their own superpowers and abilities in CoC, however, players are completely subjective over choosing their own favorite CoC Troops. Here are all the Top 5 Most Used Troops in Clash Of Clans as of 2022.

Top 5 Most Used Troops in Clash Of Clans as of 2022

1. Inferno Dragon 

Arguably the topmost super troop ever unleashed by Clash Of Clans, as the inferno dragons are highly effective for battles. The inferno dragons have the potential to inflict over 2000 damage per second, also they own 2,300 hit points to bolster their skills. A like-to-like version of the baby dragon, these Inferno dragons are one of the best and most used troops in CoC 2022.

2. P.E.K.K.A

P.E.K.K.A is another highly potent troop from CoC, upgrade the standar barracks to 10th level at Town Hall level 8 to get this P.E.K.K.A troop. She’s a lady troop, but not to forget about her skills and abilities, mostly PEKKA is a melee troop which is also slow poisoned character.

Always use P.E.K.K.A with the Golems for battles to get better results with the best strategy.

3. Super Minions

Super cute little minions have always held the special ability of long shots and attacks in CoC, super minions have 300 damage per second, 1500 hit points. From minor to super minions, minions have always been an integral part of the CoC troops.

4. Super Witch

The super witch troops with their big boy abilities can create an immediate explosion. A set of skeletons from the super witch will produce around a damage of 350 per second, also with its 3200 hit points.

Use 25,000 dark elixirs to upgrade super witch. Level 5 witch is a pre-requirement for obtaining the super witch troop in Clash of Clans 2022.

5. Hog Rider

Always known for its ground abilities, unlock the hog rider at level 2 barracks. The melee troop hog rider has the ability to quickly jump over the walls and attack the enemies during all the village battles.

In recent times hog rider has become one of the most used Clash of Clans troops in 2022, though it only has less amount of damage and hit points, yet it’s an effective and powerful troop.

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