List of top 5 Free Fire Players in the world 2022

Top 5 Free Fire Players in the world 2022
Top 5 Free Fire Players in the world 2022

Do you want to know the top 5 Free Fire players in the world in 2022? Since there are several players who are popular throughout the world due to their amazing gaming skills.

The mobile game Free Fire is well-liked all across the world. In India as well, it has been able to amass a considerable active player base. Although Free Fire gamers may not be as well-known as BGMI Mobile players, they are unquestionably skilled. Ranking the top Free Fire players is particularly challenging because each player is well-known for a certain set of talents. This post will provide the answer to your question with the list of the 4 best Free Fire players in the world in 2022.

List of top 5 Free Fire Players in the world 2022

  • Raistar

Possibly the quickest player in Free Fire is RAISTAR, who is also from India. He moves so quickly that certain individuals even believe he is a hacker. Even today, you have no idea when he’ll quietly kill anyone. He is respected by many even in 1 Vs 1 fights because of his rapid movements and precise accuracy. Raistar has a more than 70%  headshot rate. He is primarily recognized for his close-quarters fighting. Fans can find him streaming on Booyah, and he posts his montage videos once in 3-4 months.

  • Nobru

Brazilian Free Fire esports player and content creator Nobru is well-known. In Free Fire, he plays for the well-known team Fluxo. He has a huge fan following and he has earned several Free Fire titles with his team. However, as of now, he doesn’t play much Free Fire tournaments but he is still contributing to the team as a guide.

  • M8N

M8N is a well-known  Free Fire influencer with a huge global fan base. He plays in the MENA and routinely produces gameplay videos, which have made him quite well-known among Free Fire players. Because of his amazing skill and records, he is regarded and respected by other players. His headshots with an M1883 gun are loved by his fans.

  • Pagal M10

Prince Yadav, also known as Pagal M10, is an 18-year-old skilled Free Fire Content creator. New Delhi-born Pagal M10 is a rising figure in the Free Fire gaming scene. Pagal M10 is considered an inspiration by many Indian mobile game gamers. Pagal M10 is one of the quickest mobile gamers in India, and he has a very quick response. He has defeated several known Free Fire kings in 1 v 1 battles.

  • Vasiyo CRJ7

Probably one of the best Indian Free Fire esports competitors is Vatsal Garasia, alias Vasiyo CRJ7, who has frequently competed for his country’s national squads abroad. He is presently the representative of Nigma Galaxy, which won the FFIC 2021 Spring. Additionally, he posts movies on YouTube, primarily gaming videos from competitions. He is one of the successful and best Free Fire esports players as of 2022.


Raistar is the No.1 player in our list of top 5 Free Fire players in the world because he has a huge fan base, especially in India. Following him, the second-best player is Nobru he is a successful Esports athlete, and the list goes on. Although, there are several skilled players it was difficult to make a list of 5 players.

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