Here’s the list of Top 5 Famous Games In The World As Of 2022

Top 5 Famous Games In The World As Of 2022
Top 5 Famous Games In The World As Of 2022

Do you know which are the top 5 famous games loved by gamers worldwide? Here’s a list of the Top 5 famous games worldwide in 2022, the best and top games Worldwide in 2022 currently are these games, which are also mentioned below.

Top 5 Famous Games in The World As Of 2022!

Arguably the best and top, most popular and famous games in the world are these now in 2022. Check the list out here.

1. GTA V

GTA and their games have always been special and close to heart for many gaming fans, be it Gta VICE City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City, or GTA III, all have had phenomenal success over the years, and now the GTA V game is continuing their legacy by being one of the best video games in the world 2022. GTA V is the best amongst the other GTA games now apart from the game GTA Vice City, which will always be favorite and epic too.


PUBG will always be the most popular and famous game forever in the world 2022 and more, the battle royale PUBG game from Krafton, has rightly found its place on our list here. Play PUBG, if you haven’t yet discovered it.

3. Fortnite

Another best and most famous battle royale game in recent times is this Fortnite from Epic Games Fortnite is hitting the top charts of games already, with plenty of quests, skins, rewards, John Cena and Indiana Jones along with the Darth Vader skin, Fortnite is already the top most popular online multiplayer video game in 2022.

4. Minecraft

A village-based Game, where you explore places, finish quests, get on prizes, and meet new sets of people too, Minecraft has been the best popular game in very recent times in 2022. Download and play Minecraft Game, now if you wanna experience and explore something new.

5. Rocket League

Rocket League is a top-class vehicular soccer video game, and the Rocket League x Fortnite Collaboration has also happened very recently, which’s made both the video games very popular amongst the gaming buffs. Rocket League soccer game has one of the best visuals, gameplay, and graphics with different sets of cars, and weapons with the best vehicles too, make Rocket League one of the best and most popular video games in 2022.

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