Top 5 Best Character In Free Fire To Unlock With Gold

Top 5 Best Character In Free Fire To Unlock With Gold
Top 5 Best Character In Free Fire To Unlock With Gold

Top 5 Best Character To Unlock With Gold: In Free Fire, characters are high. Diamonds are necessary, which can only be obtained in exchange for real-world money. Fortunately, the developers have incorporated gold purchase options for a few characters.

They’re among the best in the game, and Clash Squad mode is a wonderful place to use them. Although saving up enough gold to purchase them will take some time, the wait will be well worth it.

Top 5 Best Character In Free Fire


For players that prefer using SMGs, Dasha is one of the best characters. Her ability Partying On costs 8,000 gold and allows the user to more easily regulate recoil in-game. The rate of recoil accumulation and maximum recoil is lowered by 10 percent. It is one of the best character to unlock with gold.

Furthermore, the damage caused by falls is decreased by 50% and the recovery time after falls is lowered by 80%, respectively. Despite the fact that this is a situational skill, it’s a good bonus to have.


Antonio is one of the most affordable characters in Free Fire, costing only 6,000 gold. Gangster’s Spirit, his ability, gives the user 35 additional HP at the start of each round.

Although the extra HP may not seem like much, it can provide you an advantage in a fight. A skilled player will make the most of Antonio because most clashes in the game boil down to who has the highest HP.


For gamers who wish to be precise with their shots, Laura and her Sharp Shooter talent are unrivaled. When scoped in with any weapon, it grants a 35 percent accuracy increase.

While this boost will mostly aid players who employ long-range weapons, it can also help players with other scoped weapons improve their accuracy. Landing accurate shots will become easier regardless of the enemy’s range.


In Clash Squad, the player must choose whether to rush or maintain their ground against the enemy. In all scenarios, there is some separation between the two teams. Maro can use this distance in conjunction with his Falcon Fervor ability to do more damage. Obtaining this character, which costs  8,000 gold, is a wise investment for any user. With the capacity to deal an additional 25% damage to foes, a headshot will instantly eliminate them. In addition, opponents can take an additional 3.5 percent damage.


Xayne is one of the most valuable heroes in Free Fire’s Clash Squad game, costing 8,000 gold to obtain. Xtreme Encounter, her talent, is highly powerful and may drastically change the outcome of a match in the blink of an eye.

The user obtains 80 HP and deals 130 percent more damage to Gloo walls and shields when this ability is utilized. It lasts 15 seconds and cools off in 100 seconds after use.


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