Here Are The Top 5 Battle Royale Games to Play on Mobile in 2022

Top 5 battle royale games to play on Mobile in 2022
Top 5 battle royale games to play on Mobile in 2022 l Image Via: Techradar

Are you a great fan of Battle Royale and Action games especially for mobile? We here, suggest the Top 5 and the Best Battle Royale Games for Mobile in 2022 with this list.

Top 5 battle royale games to play on Mobile in 2022


Wherever you may go, PUBG’s name is constant forever, this battle royale PUBG Game from Krafton ever, since its launch is hitting all the bullseye. PUBG is the best “Battle” Royale game, as you literally tussle and battle with 100 other equal competitors with guns, skins, and bombs. Also, the duo and squad mode games of PUBG are always a treat to watch.

So, PUBG always remains an Epic G.O.A.T game for all mobile gamers, Krafton and PUBG will always be at the top on the list of both top and best 5 mobile games in 2022 and forever too.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite from Epic Games, is the official peer and counterpart to PUBG, also Fortnite has been upping its game with regular collaboration events with top most celebrites and other games, new updates and features, regular quests and rewards.

Also, Fortnite has been inspired by many real-life events, where people struggled for day-to-day items and fought with 100 other in a battle arena, Fortnite also resembles PUBG at times. If you own a top class mobile with the best specs, RAM and internal storage, then Fortnite is all yours to explore, play on and enjoy.

3. Garena Free Fire

Another battle royale and probably the best action game ever to have existed, Free Fire from Garena is a game to look on for, take out the best guns, along with other weapons, skins and outfits, to keep firing at your opponents. Recently Garena free fire has been on a rise steadily, also alternatively the another alternate version game for the same in the name of Garena Free Fire Max has also been available to play too.

4. Apex Legends/ Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts is the best shooter game to date, that too in very recent times, Apex Legends has seen its pinnacle of its career, a free-to-play mobile hero shooter game, where you explore many places and missions, with the best guns ever available to play on with, Apex Legends promises to hold everything an action game lover wishes for .

Also the official mobile version of the same game, Apex Legends Mobile has been stupendous ever since it released this year a couple of months back.


If PUBG is for the rest of the world, then BGMI alias Battlegrounds Mobile India is the best ever Battle Royale game for all the Indian PUBG fans from Tencent, as PUBG was banned in India, Krafton couldn’t continue, so the same Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds launched their Indian version of the game in the form of BGMI from Tencent.

BGMI though has been removed from the Google Play Store, yet the game has crores of fans, users and players regularly, the subscribers and members of BGMI in India are unimaginable and beyond to think of, such is the craze for this BGMI battle royale game, even if the game gets banned, Krafton can be proud of themselves and hold their heads high for successfully launching on this BGMI game, which also appears to be the top most and the best battle royale game ever, even in 2022 and forever too, that too even after the BGMI game ban controversies and news.

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