Top 10 Richest Gamers and Esports Players in India as of 2022

Richest Gamers and Esports Players in India 2022
Richest Indian gamers and Esports players

There are a number of gamers, professional players, and Esports athletes in the Indian gaming scene. However, the expansion of the gaming community has recently been slowing down as a result of the Free Fire and BGMI ban scenes. Despite this, there are still a lot of gamers that are active and have a sizable fan base. Here is a list of the top 10 Esports players and gamers in India as of 2022, in terms of wealth.

Top 10 Richest Gamers and Esports Players in India as of 2022

1. Excali

Karan Mhaswadkar aka Excali is a top-class Counter Strike Global Offensive gamer once, Excali used to play for the entity gaming team, and his stats and performance in the eSports tournaments have earned him around more than 10 Lakhs to date.

2. Arshpreet Gill Singh

Arshpreet Singh Gill is one of the finest BGMI players from India. Gill has been a phenomenal performer for his God Like Esports team, has won several games, and earned more than 6 lakhs to date only through the BGMI tournament matches. Gill is surely a rising eSports star and one of the richest gamers from India.

3. Scout

Arguably Tanmay Singh Who goes by his BGMI ing name Scout, has been the numero uno player from the Indian BGMI community, Scout played for Team XSpark as a scouter, Scout won many tournaments single-handedly for his Esports team, also earning more than 7 lakhs till date. Scout also owns a YouTube and Twitch Page.

4. Tejas Sawant Ace

If you take and speak about top eSports gamers from India, most of them would be either from BGMI or Garena Free Fire, but this guy Tejas Sawant has changed that fact, as Tejas Ace Sawant is one of the richest Valorant Esports players from India earning around 5 lakhs and more counting yet.

5. TSG Jash

TSH/TSG Jash is another prominent Garena Free Fire Esports player from India who also plays for the Team TSG, Jash also owns a YouTube channel that has more than 6m followers, and his monthly income is also said to be around 1 lakh+ making him very well off and hence the richest Indian gamer in 2022.

6. Pentala GM Harikrishna

GM Pentala Harikrishna is a surprise package here as he’s a chess24 gamer, also earning around 2 lakhs and more. An Indian-rich Esports player getting featured here in this list for chess is absolutely a surprise and out of the box.

7. Sudip Sarkar

Garena Free Fire in India is nothing without this guy, Sudip Sarkar, as he’s played more than 25k+ squad games, Sudip Sarkar is also an active YouTube with more than 1M followers earning him around 50k+ per month alone. Sudip Sarkar has incredible stats and skills for the Free Fire game and on the seventh position in our list of richest Indian gamers.

8. DitterBitter

Mihir Ditter Bitter is unique in this list, as besides playing he’s been a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Content Creator for the Old School Runescape game, Mihir also has won more than 5 tournaments to date and earned around 10 lakhs. Mihir actively creates content and is one of the bests in the gaming business platforms.

9. Mortal Naman Mathur

Naman Mathur another BGMI Esports gamer from India who plays for the Team Soul eSports club, Mortal has won many tournaments for his team and himself, earning more than 5 lakhs to date. Watch his videos for a better understanding of the BGMI gameplay.

10. Viper

Yash Paresh Soni is known famously by his in-game BGMI name of Viper, Viper is one of the top 5 and best BGMI players from India, viper also plays regularly for the same Team Soul Esports team and also being an integral part of them too. Viper has impeccable stats and kills along with the best K/D ratio in BGMI. Viper has always been sharp and shrewd in the game.

These are all the top 10 richest and best Esports Indian players right now in India in 2022. Do watch their gameplay videos to get more experience and exposure, if you are a novice or just a beginner.

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