Top 10 Best High Graphics Horror Games For Android In 2022 (Offline)

Best High Graphics Offline Horror Games For Android In 2022
Best High Graphics Offline Horror Games For Android In 2022

Get ready to be scared and blown away by this new game list. Yes, this list of Horror Games is gonna make you spooky and scary. Here is the list of Top 10 best high-graphics horror games for Android in 2022.

Top 10 Best High Graphics Offline Horror Games For Android In 2022

1. Lost Within

Get ready to be lost within the ghostly game world, and be mentally prepared to take on the ghosts your way at the asylum. Be cautious while playing with full sound, as it may scare you and make you creepy. Lost within is one of the best world-class horror mobile games in 2022 for Android.

2. Sinister Edgy

An edge-of-the-seat scary horror thriller mobile game for all Android mobile gamers in 2022. Sinister edgy asks you to explore your family and peep, unravel some myths on your way, also going through several baleful and alarming locations your way. Sinister Edgy is the top most Android offline mobile game in 2022.

3. Eyes: Scary

As the game name says eyes scary scares you to the core, a survival horror thriller and a tailor-made mobile offline horror game for all Android users in 2022, to entertain kids and youngsters.

4. Granny

Granny is another epic horror survival thriller that is easily available for all mobile, android gamers. An awkward demon is on your way to trouble you, play granny which is one of the top 10 horror mobile games in 2022.

5. Emily wants to play

Emily wants to play another survival horror thriller, you play the pizza door boy delivery guy and get embroiled in a murky situation, face on the vampire and demons your way to win on this wonderful ghost game. Emily wants to play always has a place in the list of top 10 best horror Android mobile offline games in 2022.

6. Emily Wants to Play Too

A spin-off and a sequel to the official Emily wants to play game, the successful horror sequel game for all Android mobile gamers. But this time, a slight change in the game play for this scary mobile game.

7. Thimbleweed Park

The name sounds like a park, but the game ain’t, thimbleweed park is a ghostly horror adventure game, a menacing and a haunting hotel, a bizarre town, burned pillow factory, menacing circus are all there to haunt you? But are you ready to haunt them back, then play this thimbleweed park horror game, which has also been one of the top 10 horror mobile Android offline games in 2022?

8. Colina 

A gloomy horror mobile game, Colina is a psychological Horror Android offline mobile game in 2022, where you face certain apprehensions and psychological issues too. Survive amongst the ghosts in this epic horror game.

9. Mental Hospital 

The name may sound and seem very funny, but the mental hospital horror game is an absolutely menacing one to play with. Always try to not play the mental hospital survival horror game which will scare you outta your teeth. Mental hospital game ever since its launch has been here to stay, a bloody ghostly thriller that pumps your heart beats every second.  Play mental hospital to experience a real horror gaming experience on your Android mobile devices in 2022 which is also offline too.

10. Endless Nightmare 

Endless Nightmare game has been a 3d bloody terror horror game, with threatening gameplay, and increasing heart beat and pulse every now and then, the endless game can truly be your best horror gaming experience which is also one of the top 10 and best Android Mobile horror offline games in 2022. Play this endless Nightmare game which is full of endless nightmares and thrills with chills too.

So, that’s our top 10 list of high-graphics offline horror games that you can try in 2022. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries related to the Horror game list.

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