Here are the Top 10 Best Cricket Games For android in 2022 that every Cricket game fan should know

Top 10 Best Cricket Games For android in 2022
Top 10 Best Cricket Games For android in 2022

Are you a lover of cricket and enjoy playing it both indoors and outdoors? This new article is exclusively for all cricket mobile video game lovers. Of Course, cricket has been an emotion for all fans, likewise, and similarly, Cricket games also keep us hooker, here is the list of the best and top 10 Cricket mobile games for android in 2022.

Top 10 Best Cricket games for android in 2022!

1. World Cricket Championship 2

An award-winning cricket game WCC2 or World Cricket Championship 2 has been one of the top most played Android mobile cricket games in 2022. A variety of modes in the form of tournaments, t20 leagues, test matches, series etc, if you start playing WCC 2, then you ain’t gonna stop playing the same.

2. Real Cricket

Real Cricket has been the best and real cricket Android game, with many multiplayer gaming modes, test matches, ODI series, every mode in this cricket game has been fascinating always. Real Cricket Android mobile game has always been known for its best Visuals, Graphics, and incredible gameplay too, and hence the reason to place it second in out list of best cricket games for android in 2022.

3. World Cricket Battle

World Cricket Battle with over 1 Crore + downloads, provides you with the realistic gaming feel, DL method, weather forecasts, DRS, are all the best thing about this game. T20 World Cup, and ODI World Cup is all the best gaming modes of this world cricket battle game.

4. World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship started with 1, then 2 and now a successful sequel followed up with the same name. WCC 3 has been the best cricket game, especially those cricket fans who love to play test matches on Android mobiles 2022. World Cricket Championship 3 game has literally maintained the legacy set by its prequel versions of the game.

5. WCB T20 Premier League Cup

The next game in our list of the top 10 best cricket games for android is WCB T20 Premier League Cup. It is one of the most played T20 cricket Android games, especially for all the ipl fans, this game will be an amazing experience totally. You can literally replicate the epic season edition over here by playing for your favorite IPL franchise and winning the championship titles and trophies for them.

6. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Going by the legendary cricketer’s name, Sachin saga cricket champions is an exquisite, more than 1C downloads are done. Set your field, start executing those toe-crushing yorkers. Make Sachin Tendulkar proud by playing his own version of this cricket game.

7. Cricket League

Another best cricket game, with some of the best T20 Indian franchises available. Cricket League game with around 64 mb and 1 crore downloads so far, has been the best cricket game for all T20 fans.

8. World T20 Cricket League

Another top-class T20 cricket Indian game for all Android users, be it India or Newzealand, Mumbai or Kolkata or Bangalore, this cricket game never stops exciting us. World T20 Cricket League is the game to play for all mobile gamers.

9. Stick Cricket Super League

One of the vintage cricket games for mobile users has always been this stick cricket game, stick cricket super league game with some of the best cricket giants like Sachin Tendulkar, Dale Steyn, Malinga etc will be the game to watch out for.

10. Real Cricket Premier League

Real Cricket Premier League is the best IPL T20 mobile game for all cricket lovers. There’s also a pre-mini-auction for the game, where you literally build your teams with the best cricket legends. If your fav IPL franchise hasn’t won over in IPL, then make them win here by playing this Real Cricket Premiere League for Android mobile in 2022.

Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favorite cricket game.

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