Fortnite New Titan Tank Speed Glitch: Drive New Vehicle With 50Km/hr

Fortnite New Titan Tank Speed Glitch
Fortnite New Titan Tank Speed Glitch

Fortnite New Titan Tank Speed Glitch: Fortnite’s newest vehicle is the Titan Tank. A primary battle gun and a movable turret are included in this strongly armored vehicle. Going ahead with one of these behemoths will almost certainly result in your elimination. They aren’t invincible, though.

Gamers can ambush them and take them off surprise due to their poor speed of 29 KM/H without a boost. They’re even vulnerable to remote bombs and turret fire. Ambushing this combat vehicle is simple if you’re accompanied by a buddy on foot.

Fortnite New Titan Tank Speed Glitch

However, Glitch King, a very well glitch finder, has discovered an exploit to bypass the bottleneck speed. Players may increase the tank’s speed to almost 50 KM/H by adjusting just one option, which is around 14 KM/H quicker than a Quadcrasher without a boost.

Considering that now the bug roughly doubles the Titan Tank’s speed, it gives gamers a significant tactical advantage. Players are able to avoid incoming projectiles from other Titan Tanks and, in some cases, Remote Explosive materials, thanks to their improved speed.

This would also make movement easier from outside battle, as gamers will be able to obtain boost speeds without using the boost function. This will save fuel and allow the player to drive for extended periods of time without having to refuel. Overall, this one small flaw renders Titan Tank even more dangerous in battle.

How To Drive Titan Tank With 50Km/hr?

Step-1: Navigate to the settings menu.

Step-2: Assign a new key to the “Move Forward” command.

Step-3: Return to the game after applying the adjustment.

Step-4: To make the Titan Tank move quicker, click both buttons at the same time.

The squad would panic and flee the car in the thick of combat not long afterward. The opposition team can then take out any remaining stragglers. Whereas the Titan Tanks are formidable, they are useless without a good crew. Crushing either of these metal animals is simple with a little collaboration and integration.

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