The Official Release Of Tigris Skyline Skin In Valorant: Details And More

Tigris Skyline Valorant skin
Tigris Skyline Valorant skin

Valorant previously showed the “Tigris Skyline Valorant skin,” a new skin bundle that would replace the Protocol 781-A stack in the first-person 5v5 tactical shooter. Tigris’ introduction signals the arrival of yet another flagship bundle in the game since the former is noted.  It will be available with a fusion of metallic colors and a highly visible melee.

Valorant intends to release the Tigris skin bundle to coincide with the Lunar New Year. The in-game price and tier of the collection have been announced, ahead of the bundle’s scheduled to release in the coming hours. In this article, you will get details regarding the new Tigris skin in Valorant.

Tigris Skin Collection Arrival

Riot is honoring members of the game’s community who embody Asian culture with the Lunar Celebration Event Pass and Tigris skin set. Even so, players can purchase weapon skins for Shorty, Phantom, Operator, Spectre, and Melee. All this stuff is available in the in-game market store.

Riot will also release a free new pass in conjunction with the Lunar New Year-themed Night Market, which will be available in the game soon, though the devs have not provided any additional details on the pass. Moreover, the Tigris line has replaced  Protocol 781-A in stores on February 2nd, with an estimated price of 9900 Valorant Points.

The price of the bundle has not yet been officially announced by Riot Games. According to Mike, a well-known Valorant influencer we got this update. Even so, the Tigris skin collection is classified as a Deluxe-Edition Tier skin line that costs 5100 VP. Although, each weapon skin will cost 1275 Valorant points.


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