What is the best way to get into the spectator mode in Minecraft 1.19?

For months, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players would have to make do without the Spectator mode because it was only available to Java Edition gamers. That always eventually changes, thanks to the 1.19 The Wild Patch.

It’s a fantastic game mode that allows players to search across any block for entrances or caves. It is mostly used to search for openings beneath or through strong block walls. Mojang has provided a means to enable the lengthy game mode in the game’s beta versions; nevertheless, it has gone via some adjustments and experienced some glitches along the road.

What is the best way to get into the spectator mode in Minecraft 1.19?

Players will not be able to engage the game mode routinely like other game modes because it is currently under development and will be available in the future update. Rather, users will have to use the world settings to enable the functionality.

Again when the World List has been opened, the player could select the edit feature and go downwards to the ‘Experiments’ list. They’ll discover a ‘Spectator Mode’ toggle here, which they can activate before establishing a new environment. Because experimentation capabilities would lockdown that once the world is built, participants should always deactivate this option even before the world is created.

Spectator mode in Minecraft 1.19

Gamers would need to start taking care of a few additional things after entering the planet with exploits and spectator mode activated before correctly enabling it. Gamers may join the game mode if they input the instruction ‘/gamemode spectator’ and perform it normally.

It will, nevertheless, be buggy because they will not be able to travel horizontally. They’ll only be able to squat and shift upwards gradually. While this is a problem that Mojang is currently working to resolve, there is a workaround. To begin, participants must be in Creative mode (and flying mode). When hitting the keyboard shortcut twice, they can fly about.

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