Here’s the list of top 10 Strongest Brawlers in Brawl Stars as of 2022

10 Strongest Brawlers in Brawl Stars in 2022
10 Strongest Brawlers in Brawl Stars in 2022

Brawlers are the playable characters of Brawl Stars, these brawl stars can easily be obtained and unlocked using the brawl pass, trophy road, and boxes. However, choosing the strongest and most powerful brawlers will only help you scale more heights in the brawl stars game. The list of Top 10 Strongest Brawlers in Brawl Stars in 2022 will be followed here.

List of top 10 Strongest Brawlers in Brawl Stars in 2022!

Also do remember that these brawlers are classified further under different tiers of the game. S+ S, A, B, C, tier Brawlers on Brawl Stars make up for the powerful brawlers in the game. S means superior, so S+ & S are the most powerful brawlers in the game.

1. Bonnie 

Bonnie is an epic rarity Brawler in the game, this hybrid class character with a high movement speed of 600+ with its cannon has been the most used brawler by the brawl stars players in 2022. The swaggy female bonnie has been best at long-ranging shots and attacks.

Also bonnie is a ranger brawler, with the best survival skills she holds, Bonnie is always one of the best and most powerful brawlers in brawl stars 2022.

2. Grom

Grom has been the most used strongest brawler in 2022 by all the brawl stars players. Grom is an epic brawler, can be obtained from the grom challenges or from the brawl boxes too. Foot patrol is the best skill of grom brawler till date. A damage dealer class Brom is sure to be the fiercest Trump Card in the coming days.

3. Gene

Another powerful mythic brawler, with decent health and excellent damage abilities, Gene always emits a ball of smoke to kill out the enemies, which comes out from bis lamps. A max of 1000 damage is expected from the genie brawler, gene has always been the best at duos.

4. Rosa

Rosa brawler is becoming the fastest growing character of the brawl stars game in 2022, Rosa has been best at the bush areas. She has a good attacking skills with the top speed gear, also Rosa is the top most and fastest brawler in the brawl stars game in 2022.

5. Meg

After Grom, Meg has been emerging a strong and potential contender to be the best, strongest and most powerful brawler character in 2022 on the Brawl Stars game. The legendary Meg brawler with a decent movement and speed is good at Swift and longer ranging for attacks.

6. Colonel Ruffs

Ruffs formerly called Colonel Ruffs is a chromatic brawler, also a monstrous character in the game of Brawl Stars ever. The chromatic ruffs brawler is of the support class, and comes up as the tier 30 reward. Also, the brawl boxes and brawl pass gets you this easily.

7. Edgar

An epic brawler with thunderous damaging abilities, also the Edgar has greater movement speed in the Brawl Stars game in 2022. Also, Edgar was available for free from the brawlidays, and also from the brawl boxes too. Edgar is both Epic and an assassin class character too.

8. Spike

Spike is a rare legendary powerful Brawler, who’s always been high on damage but low on health. The damage of the spike is sure to destroy the other brawler’s characters in the brawl stars game, which has made spike one of the most powerful and best brawlers in Brawl Stars 2022.

9. Sandy 

Sandy is an elusive brawler, she holds a good damage skill, with some decent movement speed, also Sandy brawler has always been sleeping deprived, but yet the sandy legendary Brawler can be wisely used too.

10. Buzz

Buzz is the last and 10th Brawler from the list of Top 10 powerful brawlers in Brawl Stars 2022, buzz is another chromatic brawler and a powerful assassin. Buzz, is always stronger in all aspects of the brawl stars game like movement speed, damage, and health, the stun skills and abilities of buzz make him the most powerful assassin ever in Brawl Stars 2022.


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