Brawl Stars Pin Maker Guide : How to get star pins in Brawl stars?

Brawl Stars Pin Maker Customize and download
Brawl Stars Customized Pin Maker

The Star Pins from Brawl Stars are in-game cosmetics and resources which can be purchased with 49 gems, also the pins are collectible emotes from the purchasable pin packs of the game.

Brawl Stars Pin Maker Guide

Sometimes the pins are available with deals and offers, also leveling up your Brawl Stars will get you more and more pin stars of different levels and tiers. Brawl pass also offers various star pins which have exclusive and different tier pins.

Simply purchase the pins from brawl stars shops with offers, get the pins that match only your current Brawlers in Brawl Stars, at a time 3 pins for a character are used mostly Once after getting the star pins on Brawl Stars, use them easily by tapping the pin button, the pins are also known as collectible Battle emotes.

How to customize pins in Brawl stars?

To customize and change pins of Brawl Stars, simply head over to the main menu, select Brawler, click on the Brawler icon and then choose your favorite Brawlers with which you would like to customize your set of Brawl Stars pins.

Then on the right top, click on the purple-colored bubble head icon, now choose the pins and start playing, also make sure to customise your pins for the best Brawlers of the game.

Now you have customized your pins of Brawl Stars for the Battle, and also with your favorite Brawlers.

How to Download the customized Pins in Brawl Stars?

There are several websites that you may use to download your favorite pins of Brawler Stars. Apk Pure, Apksos, luckymod apk are being widely used by Brawl Stars players to download their favorite and customized pins for battle. is also another prominent site to download pins for Brawl Stars. So purchase the pin emotes from the Brawl Stars Purchasable pin packs, and use the collectible pin emotes on the best Brawlers and characters for the Battle by customizing it.

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