Best Spider Web Shooters Locations in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Best Spider Web Shooters Locations is Battleground Mobile India
Best Spider Web Shooters Locations is Battleground Mobile India

Do you want to know the best Spider Web Shooters Locations? The Battleground Mobile India is a game of events and collaboration with popular events. Currently, the Spider-Man event is running in the game and also comes up with exciting features. The event is running in all Krofton games which include Battleground Mobile India and PUBG Mobile.

In the current event, the player travels from one location to another and tries to find the location of Web-Shooters. If you are also struggling to find the location of the Web-Shooters then keep reading this blog.

Best Spider Web-Shooters Locations in Battleground Mobile India or BGMI

So, After the 1.8 updates, a new feature is added in the game which is only available for two maps. First, is Livik and Erangle where the spider web shooter will be available. Every BGMI fan is searching for this web shooter and wants to experience its awesome ability. This web shooter allows players to swing around like Spider-Man in movies.

Well, this is quite interesting and also rare to find in the game because of its rarity. Moreover, it will be tough to get one because as I wrote earlier every player in BGMI is looking for these web-shooters. But there are some locations in the game where you can get these web-shooters if you land there. Let’s take a look at that location below:

Spider Web-Shooters Locations: 

  1. Sosnovka Military Base
  2. Prison
  3. Severity
  4. Yasnaya Polyana
  5. School

These are the hot drops where you can find the web shooter without any difficulty. However, keep in mind that in many locations you will get to see many players. And that will cause a big mess and also combat points. You can also check other known hot spots on both maps.

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