Who Will Be The Winner Between A124 VS Skyler After OB33 Update 2022?

Best Character After OB33 Update 2022 A124 VS Skyler
Best Character After OB33 Update 2022 A124 VS Skyler

Best Character After OB33 Update 2022 A124 VS Skyler: Characters in Free Fire are more than just decorative elements in the game; they play an important function. Characters have unique talents that aid players in mastering their game.

Skyler is a newcomer to the fight. He’s a powerful and deserving figure. A124 can now be the most used female character after an update with exceptional strength.

A124 and Skyler are two of the most interesting characters to choose from when it comes to good characters. They have a wide range of skills that can be used in a variety of scenarios and playstyles. Only one of them, though, is the best character. This article will compare both the character A124 VS Skyler after the OB33 update.

A124 VS Skyler


Following the OB33 replacement, A124 received a significant buff. Thrill Of Battle, her changed skill, now enables players to close in on their enemies on the battleground. An electromagnetic wave surges forth once unleashed, disrupting any opponents within an 8 meter range.

Those trapped in the surge area will most likely be unable to utilize their skills, and ability cooldown time resets may be affected as well. The effect lasts 20 seconds and is followed by a 100-second cooling period.


Skyler did not receive any buffs as a result of the update, but he remains one of the best characters in Free Fireplace. Riptide Rhythm, his active ability, allows the user to instantly smash gloo partitions.

A sonic wave can reach up to 100 meters when activated, smashing five gloo divisions along the way. The power takes 60 seconds to cool down after being used. Customers can also gain improved HP by just using gloo partitions as an added reward. When these two advantages are combined, the character is ideal for offensive gameplay.

Best Character After OB33 Update 2022: Skyler Or A124

Despite the fact that these two Free Fire characters are useful in battle, none of them compare to A124. While her healing bonus was eliminated in the patch, her ability to disable opponents in battle is still outstanding. So A124 is the best character in comparison with Skyler after the OB33 buff.

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